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EPiCS is a terrain and scenery system for 28-32mm miniatures, perfect for tabletop role-playing and wargames. Buildings and street tiles use interlocking baseplates to quickly turn any tabletop into a fully explorable and interactive town or city.

EPiCS buildings come as flat-packed, laser-cut MDF kits, perfect for your next model-making and painting project.  


The Caravan

Caravan - Painted Forest.png

Every level of every EPiCS building is accessible and explorable.

Hinged and latched doors allow access to every room. Multiple entries, exits and staircases allow for tactical and stategic positioning for role-playing and wargames. 

Floor plates are designed to be big on the inside to allow space for  28-32mm minatures to occupy and explore each room.

Buildings also come with an interlocking baseplate that connects easily with other buildings or road tiles to quickly turn any tabletop into a city or town.

EPiCS models are computer modelled down to the smallest detail to create unique and beautiful designs.

Each set comes with a detailed assembly instruction guide to make your next model making project fun and memorable.

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